What are biotin injections?

A type of vitamin B complex that is found naturally in different types of food is called biotin. Most significantly, it is present in Nuts (especially peanuts and almonds)


Egg yolks, Soybeans, Fish, Whole-wheat, bread, Pork, Cauliflower. So, our body doesn’t assimilate these vitamins directly so many of us use biotin injection to regain hair strength and increase hair growth.


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Benefits of Biotin Aesthetic

  • Improve your health hair thickness
  • Increase your hair growth
  • You will get healthy skin and get rid of patchy, dry and itchy skin
  • It will increase your metabolism which fastens your weight loss.
  • Strengthen your nails from breakage
  • Boost your energy level with a better digestive system
  • Rebuild your tissues and strengthen your muscles
  • It reduce the all inflammation in your body
  • It helps rebuild your body tissues
  • It is the combination of vitamins
  • Use in the anti-aging


How do we apply Biotin injections?

Biotin administration is two types one is pills and the other through injection.

Because biotin is not absorbed in our body properly through pills so we use intramuscular biotin injection for better results.


Is everyone using biotin injection?

Biotin injection is used by everyone. Come to Best London Aesthetics clinic in Chiswick and consult our specialist on what quantity of biotin injection is suitable for you.

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